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Welcome to our corner of wrestling's online community, Tha O Show.

Launched in February of 2006, Tha O Show has become one of the most popular web sites of its kind on the internet drawing more and more visitors each month. Tha O Show website features, news, commentaries, event recaps and more.
The crown jewel of our website is The O Show Radio Program, which was launched on March 2nd, 2007 and has since become one of the most downloaded radio programs on the internet today.
Tha O Show is listened to by hundreds of thousands each week. Tha O Show Radio Program has been touted by many as a fresh, energetic, and insightful alternative to many other radio shows of a similar genre.
This isn`t a wrestling and MMA show. It's a show about everything! We affectionately refer to it as Locker Room Radio - meaning anything guys would discuss in the room s fair game: Sex, sports, music, sex, movies, tv, sex and yes ... pro wrestling and mixed martial arts.
The Founders of Tha O Show are Big Daddy Donnie & Dan-e-o. These two life long wrestling fans have very unique opinions and thoughts brought on by their very different backgrounds.
Big Daddy Donnie
Big Daddy Donnie is a long time member of the wrestling community. He hosted the first online wrestling radio show ever broadcast back in 1996. Donnie has also worked in every aspect of the wrestling business, most notably as a booker/promoter and play by play announcer.

He also worked as a staff columnist for two of the biggest online publications in Canada – Slam Wrestling, and TSN.
Big Daddy Donnie is a devoted MMA fan, a former high school teacher and a sports junkie. His favourite sport is basketball and he has worked as a coach for more than 14 years helping many young high school players develop into college standouts.
His alter ego on Tha O Show – “The Horse Tooth Killa” is a horrible rapper with an inflated ego and a cult following.

Dan-e-o is an underground legend in Canadian hip-hop. He first attained national fame at the age of 13 on the hit television show “Electric Circus” competing in and winning a rap-off contest. In 1996, his debut single "Dear Hip Hop" helped him garner national acclaim.
A founding member of the Toronto-based hip-hop crew, Monolith, Dan-e-o has released numerous albums and mixtapes. His most recent releases include his innovative 2-in-1 mixtape/albums, "Dilla Pickles" (a tribute to the late J Dilla) and the 10 Year Anniversary Edition of his debut album, "The Book of Daniel".
Since 2000, Dan-e-o has worked in a variety of roles in the pro wrestling business. He has wrestled, refereed and earned high praise for his work as a top-flight heel manager on the Ontario indy scene. In 2006, Dan-e-o also became a color commentator, joining long time play-by-play man Big Daddy Donnie to form an award-winning duo.
Dan-e-o is also a certified titologist.

Frank Fronte
The man with more nicknames than ounces of talent! He’s been referred to as “Fatty Frank”, “Fuckin’ Frank”, “Franky Friendzone” and so many more. Frank was an original member of Tha O Show before a series of incidents led to his on-air firing early in 2008. Many loyal listeners of Tha O Show were shocked when it was announced on the 2009 Christmas edition of Tha O Show that Frank Fronte would be returning to the program full time. Since his comeback, Frank has been more of a heat seeker than ever!
Recently, Frank was promoted to associate producer. He’s also the guy sitting in the is-O booth during the show, playing with the sound effects keyboard and generally being a douchebag. Yup, we love him.

Notorious T.I.D.
People often ask if Notorious T.I.D. is really as rude and crass as he seems to be on Tha O Show. The answer is no – he’s much worse! Chris Tidwell is 6’4”, 275 pounds of ass kick. Tid has been a pro wrestler for the past decade and a half, and has an extensive MMA background.
Tid co-hosted the first online wrestling radio show with Big Daddy Donnie way back in 1997. That show had a very popular segment known as “The Pit Stop” – where Tid talked Mixed Martial Arts. The Pit Stop was one of the first online radio segments dedicated to shoot fighting. The Pit Stop and Notorious T.I.D. can be heard every week on Tha O Show.

Black Prophet
Not much is known about this man. He was an O Show listener who eventually joined the team – under his own rules. He shows up when he wants, and for how long he wants.
He’s a militant African-American social critic, quick to point out the evils of white society and the mistakes of black men and women everywhere. The Black Prophet has promised a revolution.

Tyson Dux
“Textbook” Tyson Dux hosts his own segment known as “The Classroom”. This one is really aimed at young workers looking for tips and tricks, but any wrestling fan can improve the way they watch wrestling by paying attention to your teacher!

Dux is widely referred to as Canada’s best wrestler and one of the best in the world. He has wrestled for the WWE and for TNA. Dux is a head trainer at Scott D’Amore’s Can Am Wrestling School in Windsor, Ontario.

Rico Montana
“Secte De Uno” Rico Montana is a beast. He’s absolutely huge, and loves knocking people out – with a big right hand or with his sharp wit. Rico is a huge star in Mexico and has worked in Japan, Europe, and across the U.S. and Canada.

Rico loves telling people that Dan-e-o is his bitch. So far we haven’t found any hard evidence confirming this, but we refuse to argue with him!

Jennifer Blake
“Girl Dynamite” is a long time friend of Tha O Show who once superkicked Dan-e-o in the middle of the ring! Blake is a native of the Niagara Falls Ontario area but has wrestled all over the world. She works under the name “Autumn Frost” for Wrestlicious and is one half of “Las Gringas Locas” in Mexico’s AAA.
Jen is a frequent guest on tha show, and is also an excellent unofficial producer. Jen has booked legendary manager Jimmy Hart, TNA star Hernandez and many others as guests on Tha O Show!

Cham Pain
Cham Pain is the high energy, charismatic verbal assassin that you've heard on Tha O Show in his "Glass of Cham Pain" segment. He is a member of the North Carolina crew, and his best friends include Matt and Jeff Hardy, Gregory Helms and Shannon Moore.

Cham Pain (real name Marty Garner) has worked for ECW and WWE and is the former personal assistant of The Rock! Nobody has better road stories than this man!

The Flatliners
Big Daddy Donnie has referred to them as “the best all-around tag team in the business today”. Matt Burns and Asylum are truly a unique pair.
These men who have wrestled across Canada and for ROH, and have coined classic sound bytes heard on Tha O Show every week; “Shooooooot” and “kaaayfaaaaaabe” and the one they use during a match when someone uses a move on them that they really like: “STOLEN!”
The radio show and website are supported by a whole cast of others including: David Gordo Strickland, Dante Ross, Christopher Casur, DJB and so many more.
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